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Application Performance Management

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Application Performance Assessments

Performance of new applications is critical to the successful adoption by end users over whatever delivery technology is employed whether Intranet, Internet or mobile technologies. Therefore we recommend to our clients to perform application assessments to determine how applications will perform over the chosen delivery technology.
Typical client drivers
We are deploying a mobile app and need to know how well it will be adopted.
Why are we getting errors in certain countries when using the latest app?
We are deploying SAP to all countries and need to know the network impact.
Our Approach 
Business Benchmarking 
The purpose of Business Benchmarking is to understand the critical business processes used in an application system. The following activities are undertaken: 
   - Analyse business processes and map them to technical transactions. 
   - Define key performance indicators (response time): Client side processing, Network and Server 
     side processing. 
   - Set-up collection of corresponding usage data from the infrastructure.
Performance Modelling 
The Performance modelling exercise is where the end user experience is simulated within a lab environment to demonstrate the effect of the new application. This will allow the client  to investigate several performance scenarios and determine whether the responsiveness is appropriate. The following activities are simulated: 
   Model: Network infrastructure (routers, switches, links, and line speeds).
   End-user domains (numbers of users executing specific transactions at specific locations).
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