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Application Visibility

Application Aware Traffic Visibility
The NetResolve visibility module provides our customers with visibility and detailed analysis of 1) which applications are running on a network, 2) the percentage and volume of specific applications running on your network, and 3) who is generating the traffic on your network. This type of information is useful to establish, verify, and enforce company network and Internet use policy. This type of information also shows whether costly company resources are being used for business use.
View Which Applications Are Running On Your Network
It is essential to have detailed visibility of the traffic running across the network because network congestion is often a major contributor to poor application performance. The appropriate level of detail depends on the audience. The NetResolve service provides multi-tiered visibility reports to suit all audiences.
High level by general categorization – I.e. Business, Recreational , etc 
By true layer 7 application – i.e. Exchange, Lotus Notes, Facebook, YouTube, etc 
By source and destination IP address and port – who is talking to who, how much data, what type of application, etc 
Packet capture to analyse at bit and byte level with Wireshark, Cascade Pilot, Cloudshark, etc
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