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Application Specific Assessments

Applications Specific Assessments
Application-specific assessments are usually run periodically rather than continuously. Application assessments are typically requested for business critical applications, or critical time-sensitive applications such as voice, video, or unified communication upgrades. The purpose of application assessments are 1) to better understand how a network can handle the traffic load of new applications, 2) to test a networks ability to provide guaranteed performance for the anticipated additional traffic load, 3) to assess the effect of the traffic load on the performance of existing applications, and 4) to help diagnose application specific problems highlighted by the results of the application assessment tests.
New Applications
Application-specific assessments are often run to show the impact of a new application on the network and the applications ability to meet the SLAs required by the business. In order to assess the business critical functions within an application, a Business Process Mapping (BPM) study is undertaken, prior to scripting and measuring the key business processes. Following application measurement, a synthetic model can be used to assess the impact of the new application, before it is let looseon the network. If problems are found with the application, specific guidance is provided back to the development teams to make changes to improve the performance, before measurements and modeling are undertaken again. Once a network model has been built, it is propagated with the current network traffic load and calibrated to provide a baseline model. This model can then be reused for any subsequent modeling requests, such as predicting the impact of other new applications; network and infrastructure topology changes; an increase or decrease in the number of users.
Existing Applications
Application Assessment may also be used in problem determination to understand why an existing application has poor response times in certain locations, or with specific transactions. Measurements are taken across the network with probes monitoring the traffic flows, which show where the delays are being experienced (network, client, servers etc) which allows the root cause to be determined and fixed.

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