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ENS have provided server consolidation and migration services to a number of our clients who were looking to reduce infrastructure costs and also provide cloud based services. To facilitate these requirements we use established discovery and mapping software to enable the efficient planning of target state infrastructure.

To support the objectives of server consolidation and migration we use a two phased approach, discovery and migration, to facilitate the project objectives.
The discovery phase will provide a solid foundation for the requirements of the future state infrastructure architecture. The following tasks will be undertaken during this phase of the engagement:

     - Conduct Interviews with the key IT and application personnel
     - Install discovery system and agents
     - Validate data collected

ENS will undertake an analysis of the collected information in order to identify groups of server/application systems that can be migrated as part of an overall strategy. The analysis phase includes the following activities:

     - Determine server/application dependencies based on the work-flows collected in the discovery 
     - Decompose server relationships
     - Group servers into minimum target groups
     - Create migration plan

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