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Lync Network Assessment


MS Lync Assessment

Prior to the deployment of Lync (Skype for business), networks needs to be evaluated to ensure they are operating within the tolerances required for time and error sensitive services. The NetResolve system will generate simulated Video network traffic using the same codecs that the customer intends to use in production and will report on packet loss, latency, Jitter, packet discards and packet re-ordering. A scored evaluation for each site will show if the site passed a range of network performance related criteria; in instances when is doesn’t, we assist with remedial action with the service provider, following which, we rerun the test. As the Assessments run over existing network paths, information about path capacity, utilization, overall latency, RTT, jitter and packet loss will also be available. NetResolve Voice Assessment and NetResolve Video Assessment modules are designed to help smooth the transition of introducing new technologies to networks.

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