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Network Infrastructure Integrity

Network Infrastructure Integrity (NII)
The main parameters known to affect application performance on the network are monitored continuously. Specific paths on your network are configured on NetResolve devices and probes. NetResolve continually exercises each assigned path to check that the paths are operational. Following a baseline period, Service Quality Definitions (SQD) are configured for selected parameters (for example round trip time or data loss) on each Path. Violations of SQD thresholds result in automatic triggering of embedded diagnostics and event notifications.
Detailed Custom Network Measurements
NII is assessed by actively exercising network paths. A Path has probe generation software (called a Sequencer) at one end and any addressable IP end point at the other. The path target should be an end-station (e.g. PC, laptop or server) not an intermediate networking device such as a router or switch. The Sequencer is usually installed on a dedicated appliance, which is normally installed in the Data Centre. A full list of the network parameters monitored for each path is shown right. It is possible to set SQDs for any permutation of these parameters. In addition, the shaded parameters (in the graphic) are automatically graphed and available on normal reports.

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