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Network Modelling

Network Models are constructed of the network and populated with existing traffic to reflect current utilization levels and performance characteristics.  Once built, the model can be used to evaluate a wide range of scenarios and determine the optimum design and configuration to support business drivers.

Typical client drivers
I need to evaluate new business/technical applications.
What is the impact of new technologies affecting the infrastructure?
I need to budget for the consolidation of the datacenter.

Our Approach
Models are constructed of the clients IT infrastructure to provide a baseline of the network environment.
Construct model
A model will be built of the clients network to allow the application traces to be used to predict the end user response times of selected applications. Predictions from the model will reflect the utilization levels across the network and responsiveness at the site locations.
The network will be simulated with the existing background load and application usage profiles, the outputs of the model will be network utilisations and response times.
Predict SLA’s and document results
The response times will be extracted from the model and compared to the objectives of the application users. Based upon the input from the business benchmarking exercise and application capacity planning the final report will be produced. This will comprise of the results and any recommendations that may be appropriate to improving the user experience for the IBS application.

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